Mirror Booth - Service Options

Promotional Staging (tax included): $100.00 setup fee and $5.00 per print (intended for events where guests will pay for their own prints).

Customize Your Options / Add-on’s (plus tax):

  • Mirror booth rental: $250.00 up to two hours - includes unlimited email and text sharing (upon request)

  • Custom prints: 100 4x6 prints $100.00 / 100 5x7 prints $125.00 / 100 6x8 prints $150.00 (Unlimited prints, add an additional $29.99)

  • Backdrops: Themed $50.00 / or solid, basic color, green screen $25.00

  • 100 Picture envelopes (solid color): $30.00

  • Flash drive with all pictures $10.00

Full Package $500.00 (plus tax): BEST DEAL! Includes ALL of the following:

  • Up to four hours of mirror booth rental

  • Unlimited social media/email sharing (upon request)

  • Themed photo props

  • Up to 100 4x6 prints (upgrade to 5x7 or 6x8 for an additional $25.00)

  • Opt for unlimited prints - add an additional $29.99

  • Backdrop option

  • Picture envelopes

  • Flash drive with all pictures (upon request)

MobiBooth - Service Options

new addition Coming soon flyer.jpg


The Mobi Photo booth will be available for rental in the next couple weeks (starting 09/01). Celebrate with us and take advantage of the promotional pricing for a limited time only. Rental options below include photo props and backdrop.


Promotional pricing: Limited time only (ends 12/31/19)

$249.00+tax - Up to three hours rental & social media sharing.


$299.00+tax - Up to three hours rental & unlimited 4x6 prints.


Regular Price:

$349.00+tax - Up to three hours rental & social media sharing


$399.00+tax - Up to three hours rental & unlimited 4x6 prints

***Disclaimer: All services are booked/reserved with a non-refundable deposit that will be applied toward the balance due. Remaining balance will be due in full at least 15 days prior to the start of event. Please see full rental agreement. Customer will receive invoicing electronically for deposit and final payment thereafter.

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